Summer Houses dundee

our sun pent Summer Houses

Our Sun Pent Summerhouses are all built to order and come with a Pent Sloping Roof to the rear of the Summerhouse.

These Summerhouses are an fantastic addition to any garden giving you an indoor room outside. Each Summerhouse comes with Full Glazed Opening Doors as well as  4 additional Full Glazed Panels that can be where ever you decide, So you can have 1 each side of the doors and 1 per side panel or 2 in one side panel ( additional glass can be added at extra cost if you wish ).

All Summerhouses are built to the same Specification as our sheds so they are built to last and look fantastic in any garden

Summerhouse Size
Summerhouse Price

8 x 8 Sun Pent Summerhouse 

8 x 10 Sun Pent Summerhouse

8 x 12  Sun Pent Summerhouse 

10 x 10 Sun Pent Summerhouse 

10 x 12 Sun Pent Summerhouse